Where and when do we start?

Beach right north of Grünwalde Brücke, 10.30 am on 22nd July 2023.

How to reach there?

Best way is via the Höllriegelskreuth train station, S7 line, and then walk 10 minutes downhill.

Where is the exit point?

Right before the Marienklause bridge, see the awesome maps in the main page.

How long does the float last?

Around 3 hours

Where can I leave my valuables?

You can leave them on an inflatable boat that will go down with the unicorn and flamingo swarm. There will be waterproof containers and bags in it.

Will there be food?

You can bring your own food. There is also a camping restaurant nearby where we will finish the tour, where most Bavarian dishes and pizza are served.